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Submitted conference papers will be reviewed by technical committees of the conference. The following options will  available for publication of full length paper:

  • International Journal of Supply Chain Management (Scopus Indexed, Q3)
  • International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy (Scopus Indexed, Q1)
  • Polish Journal of Management Studies (Scopus Indexed, Q1)
  • Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (Scopus Indexed, Q4)
  • Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal (Scopus Indexed, Q4)
  • Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Scopus Indexed, Q3)
  • Academy of Strategic Management Journal (Scopus Indexed, Q4)
  • Venezuelan Magazine of Management (Scopus Indexed, Q4)
  • Journal of Social Sciences (Scopus Indexed, Q3)
  • OPCION (Scopus Indexed, Q3)
  • Journal of Philosophy (Scopus Indexed, Q3)
  • Ekoloji (SCIE+ Scopus Indexed, Q3)
  • Science International (ISI Indexed)
  • Amazonia Investiga (ESCI)
  • Revista Publicando (ESCI)
  • International Journal of Asian Social Sciences (ERA indexed)
  • Journal of Asian Scientific Research (ERA indexed)
  • Asian Journal of Education and training (ERIC indexed)