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All full length papers will be submit for publication in the ISI/Scopus conference associated journals  subject to the compliance with journal’s guidelines, terms and conditions. Authors are invited to submit full text papers including results, tables, figures and references.

List of Scopus Indexed Conference Associated Journals

  1. Asian Economic and Financial Review (ABDC Ranked, EconLit (USA))
  2. International Journal of Asian Social Science (ERA indexed)
  3. Journal of Education and e-Learning Research (ERIC, the Education Resources Information Center, USA)
  4. Asian Journal of Education and Training (ERIC, the Education Resources Information Center, USA)
  5. International Journal of Geography and Geology [GeoRef (American Geosciences Institute, USA)]
  6. Review of Environment and Earth Sciences [GeoRef (American Geosciences Institute,USA)]
  7. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences (ISI Web of Science)
  8. Science International (ISI Web of Science)
  9. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (Scopus Indexed)
  10. Journal of Business and Retail Management Research (Scopus Indexed)
  11. Journal of Business and Retail Management (Scopus Indexed)
  12. Business and Economic Horizons (Scopus Indexed)
  13. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy (Scopus Indexed)
  14. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Scopus Indexed)

Other Journals

All papers not selected for publication in above Scopus and ISI journals will be published free of cost in the following international journals.